Dangerously In Love – New Poetry by Jackie Hill

Dangerously In Love – New Poetry by Jackie Hill

On Thursday, 27th December 2012, P4CM affiliate, Jackie Hill published a new spoken word piece. The poem deals on an issue all too relevant and timely. To date the video has over 9000 views.

“I find it funny that women, women that are children of the Most High, continue to fall for low lives, chasing after men that have yet to find a maturity as quick as they can find a help meet, please help me understand, I stand on the side lines watching my sisters who have hearts like pillows with an addiction to relationships and allergic reactions to loneliness, turn men into cocaine, dying to be strung out on love even if separation from their true Rock is a result”Jackie Hill, Dangerously in Love

(view the video for Dangerously In Love at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keOhYs8-rs0)

I’m almost skeptical about discussing the topic spoken on by Jackie Hill in her latest piece of work, ‘Dangerously in Love’. These days I cannot talk about the issue of singleness, marriage or anything in between without being assumed to be discontent with my life as is or labeled thirsty or desperate – so how would I proceed?

jackieAs I was finally able to view Jackie’s poem, I wondered what I would receive from God to write about with regards to a global issue, which Miss.Hill has highlighted in the video which was put together by Golda S (@PurifyingGolda).

“Seeing a supposed godliness in any and every Adam who walks past, blinded to the worms swimming through his fruit.”

To begin with I would like to articulate why I have decided to share my encounters (or at least the things I have learned from them) with people. When I was growing up, I had no opportunity to talk to someone about whatever it was that I was experiencing. Neither did I have an option of asking questions or seeking help and advice. There was no one to listen and nothing to learn from except my own mistakes. Having grown in my relationship with God since, I have been empowered in many respects, His Word is my guide – and yours too.

Having been young and now a little bit older I see great value in the body of Christ. As human beings, our influence is immense. I’m sure each of us can recall at least a handful of people that somehow made an impact in our lives, whether positive or negative. They contributed to our growth, whether indirectly or directly. Similarly, you may have read a book, watched a movie or attended a workshop that really helped you understand some vital things. Why the link?

“A man who is yet to learn how to be led by the spirit of God cannot lead you anywhere but to himself.”

In questioning what I could possibly say on this topic, Jackie’s piece reminded me that there is indeed a problem affecting our young men and women daily, in this case women specifically. It’s is not just my imagination or hormones. I’m way past debating and I’ve adopted a need to be sustainable in my reporting so my eye rests solely on resolve. The primary answer to this dilemma is Christ Jesus. He is the way, the truth and light and many a blind eye will only see truth once they look to Him.

However, church – and I mean church as in US, WE, you and me & not a building, we have a role to play. As I am sure ‘Dangerously in Love’ will have moved many by the time the year is out, so will our testimonies, our prayers, our wise counsel, our biblical advice, supportive spaces and teachings.

We should
to get constructive conversations and plans of action going, and not only with people who have identified a problem, but those who are dealing with the very thing we detest so greatly. We need to serve and give of ourselves in a way which plants seeds that will blossom into deliverance, healing and transformation. God does the work but He uses us.

The matter addressed in Jackie Hill’s ‘Dangerously in Love’ is real. Our God is real too. Allow Him to work in you and penetrate this social issue at its core. You have enough within you to be resourceful. Go ahead.

 “So women, when your imagination tries to tell you that that guy will be your hero, remind yourself that Jesus is the only man that can save you.”

Jackie Hill is know by many for her works as a poet, however as described in her biography, she is simply a sinner saved by a gracious God.  She was born in St.Louis, Mo on June 21, 1989. Jackie is delivering God’s truth through God’s gifts for God’s glory.
Twitter :     @JackieEHill
Youtube:    www.youtube.com/user/MyNameIsJackieHill
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jackiehillpoetry.
*These are my personal convictions relating to the content referenced.

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Ashleigh Davids (21) is a creative writer and journalist from Cape Town, South Africa. She was the Editor in Chief of a youth publication called Live Magazine SA, where she lead a group of vibrant 16-25 year olds who drive the Shuttleworth funded initiative. The magazine also has a sister publication in London, UK which has been existence for 10 years. Ashleigh is passionate about using media as a tool to create awareness on matters of relevance and consciousness as well as putting forward content which excudes positivity and good news. Passionate about project coordination, events planning and brand development, Ashleigh also spearheads various initiatives relating to the upliftment of movements which serve a greater purpose. Ashleigh is available to be commissioned for freelance writing assignments and looks forward to being of assistance to YOU!

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